5 Good reasons to eat Cakes

While eating is a regular activity of every living being on earth, what we actually need to understand is when to eat what and how much. For example walnut looks like a human brain and is good for brain and beetroot and carrots are red in colour and are good for blood we eat them to avail those benefits. We all know healthy eatables may not be tasty and tasty eatables may not be healthy, still our tongue will always be inclined towards the tasty food.
One such thing is Cake. It not only tastes yummy, it also has to look tempting as well. Being crazy about sweets, I was wondering what could be the possible top 5 reasons to eat cake.

1. Human body demands sweets. Sweets help body absorb tryptophan which produces serotonin. This is a chemical that enhances mood.

2. Helps in mood swings:
Chocolate flavoured cakes first pleases your eyes with their beauty and then satisfy your tongue with its yummy taste. Finally helps you enhance your mood and control mood swings.

3. Compliments all celebrations:
Pick up any flavour, be it blue berry, red velvet, fresh fruits, be it any flavour, cakes are always good to have in your menu for all occasions. Wedding, engagement, anniversary, teachers day, birthday, Christmas I cannot think of any celebration without a cake.

4. Reducing stress levels:
Sweets like cake, especially freshly baked cakes like at cake on wheels, are rich in taste, appearance and healthy. It is rich in carbs. Cakes helps you calm down and cuts off your stress.

5. Just like that:
You do not always need reasons to eat lovely things. Cakes are too cute for girls tasty for boys healthy as per moms and necessary as per some dads so they can complete their dinner with sweetness.
Cakes are among those things that binds a family together when you eat it together after dinner. It brings smile on the face of any birthday boy/girl. Cakes reminds you to of the beautiful journey of like you spent with your loved ones. That’s why we @cake on wheels helps you in bringing happiness to your loved ones.

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